Still curious. Still hungry. Still driven.

Lékan was born in Lagos, Nigeria. One of his favorite activities as a child was to deconstruct objects, and assemble them back together. He has always been fascinated about how things tick, and constantly asks many questions—even to the annoyance of the person answering. His curiosity led him to ask why things are the way they are, how they come together, and what if this or that...

His formal journey in design started with architecture and interior design, then visual communication, and now product design. His curiosity, hunger and drive keeps him focused, as well as open to new adventures in design.

As an advocate of design he volunteers his time with the local design community and has held different board positions with AIGA DFW and the Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC). He was recently the Chair of the National Student Show and Conference 18 (2023)—an award show and conference celebrating the creative excellence of college students across different art disciplines.

After-hours, he enjoys reading, country dancing, and is never shy to burst the moves—even in the public.

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